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    If you require help or guidance on using the East Riding Pension Fund Online Service then please contact the ERPF Web Team

    e-mail the ERPF Web Team at or

    call a member of the ERPF Web Team on 01482 394039

    For all Queries that do not relate directly to the performance of the East Riding Pension Fund Online Service please do not hesitate to contact one of the teams below:

    ERPF Member Maintenance Team on 01482 394103 or e-mail

    ERPF Retirement, Estimate and Death Team on 01482 394113 or e-mail

    ERPF Pensioner Payroll Team 01482 394114 or e-mail

    The ERPF Financial Control Team can also be contacted by Employers on: 01482 394127 or e-mailed at

    The e-mail for contributions is

    Alternatively, you can submit an online query form once you are logged on to the East Riding Pension Fund Online Service in either of the following ways:

    For a General Query relating to the LGPS regulations or any of our office procedures please click on the relevant Pay Location, Click on the Actions Tab and then choose the ERPF Web General Employer Query Form.

    For a query relating to a specific Member, search for that Member and choose the correct record for the membership to which the query relates. Click on the Actions Tab and choose the ERPF Employer Query for a Member Form